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"For years now, Tim has donated countless hours of his professional landscapers' labor to beautify the grounds of Sligo Creek Elementary School, and the transformation has been just amazing. Now, hundreds of bulbs bloom here in the springtime, there are new trees in the playground planted by Tim and his workers, and everything looks neat and trim. What's more, he has provided the PTA with outstanding advice about how to landscape effectively in a space with hundreds of children running through it daily. Every single day that we walk by it all, the beautiful and low-maintenance landscaping makes us feel proud of our school! Abrahams' Lawn sets a peerless example of a local business giving back to the community. As a PTA volunteer and school parent, I have been honored to get to know Tim, and I would personally recommend him to anyone who asks."
Victoria "Tori" Hall
PTA volunteer and parent at Sligo Creek Elementary School, Silver Spring, MD

"After so many years , it would be difficult to enumerate all the things you have done and continue to do to make our lawns and greenery a treasure for us and our Woodside Park neighborhood."
Roy B. Lykes

"We have used Abrahams' Lawn Service since 2005. They have worked closely with me on the design and renovation of all our landscaping.
Tim has always been very reliable. He calls the day before to remind us he is scheduled for the following day. He is always there to get his crew started, and his crew are professional and polite.
We have always found Abrahams' Lawn Service a pleasure to work with."
Ann Ferguson
Chevy Chase

"Abrahams' has done many services for us: major seasonal cleanups (two to three times per year); weekly mowing; planting of seasonal flowers; maintenance of flower beds and pruning of bushes and certain trees as needed.
We are very satisfied with this landscaping work. And when it snows, we employ Abrahams' to clean our driveway and sidewalks. Tim is very prompt about getting this work done.
We have also found his crew to be hard working and polite--a pleasure to have working around our home."
Kevin and Mary Sexton

"We were among their first customers, and we have been lucky enough to have Tim and Chris tending our green spaces since 1992. Abrahams' Lawn Service has always been reliable, accommodating and reasonable... in all ways, and we feel fortunate to have had them in our lives all these years."
Celia Shapiro and Bob Dorfman
Silver Spring

"I am very proud to be one of Tim and Chris Abrahams' first customers when they were still in college. Little did I know back then, that they would grow into such a wonderful small business and expand services from lawn care to so many services.

Abrahams' are now doing two properties for us, our home and our office building. They do services for us year round and we really depend on their professionalism. For example, in addition to lawn care, they installed our brick patio, have done tree removal, gutter cleaning, snow-removal, Spring and Fall clean up, flower planting, as well as trimming and mulching,

Personally, I don't think there is another service around that can provide what these guys do. Their crews are fast, clean and friendly. I would highly recommend them to any homeowner or commercial enterprise."
Joyce L. Bosc
Silver Spring




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