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Spring Cleanup and Mulch:
Start the season off right by sweeping away the winter mess and sprucing up your garden for the spring. We will plow, clean your entire property and remove all debris. We will edge all beds, remove all weeds by the roots and cut back any dormant perennials. Then we will apply premium, double shredded, hardwood bark mulch to a depth of 2 inches.

Lawn Mowing, Trimming and Blowing:
This is the core of any landscape maintenance program. Every lawn needs to be mowed, but we strive to make it look great every week. This is why our clients choose Abrahams' year after year. We understand the importance of a professional crew, a sharp blade, and a thorough cleanup. From April to October we’ll be there to make your property look its best. We will mow all turfgrass areas of your property. We will trim all edges and hard to reach places. Then we will blow off all hard surface areas, including sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks and curbs.

Pruning and Weeding:
During the summer months our enhancement crew will be patrolling to make sure weeds stay in check and shrubs look neat and orderly. Weeds may be hand pulled or treated with an herbicide, depending upon what is best for your situation. Shrubs and hedges can be sheared off to make a neat appearance or thinned out and left to natural forms for shrubs such as azaleas, nandinas or viburnums.

Seasonal Flowers:
Nothing makes a landscape more spectacular than the beautiful colors of annual flowers planted in high profile areas. If you don’t already have an area prepared for a dazzling rotation of flowers, we can install one. Please call for a professional consultation.

Turf Management:
A healthy, green lawn is essential to any landscape. Not only does a vigorously growing lawn showcase your property, but it is also more capable of surviving drought, foot traffic or disease. We can fertilize your lawn for proper growth, eliminate weeds, maintain soil composition and aerate and overseed for a thick green lawn.

Fall Cleanup:
Everyone enjoys the spectacular extravaganza of fall color in our area, but then it inevitably leads to back-breaking cleanup afterwards. Our crews will do an excellent job of blowing all the leaves out of your yard. Some clients take advantage of their money saving municipal leaf collections and some request our vacuum truck depending on the situation.

Tree Service:
We offer a complete line of major tree services by a licensed specialist including pruning, removal, stump grinding and disease inspection.

Stone and Paver Installation:
We are now proud to offer a full line of concrete pavers and natural stone to beautify your yard with a walkway, patio, or wall. Today’s line of products offers a wide selection colors and textures to suit your needs. Why look at that broken slab of concrete when our expert craftsmen can transform your landscape into a showcase!

Landscape Design Consultation:
We are proud to offer the services of a full-time professional landscape designer. So whether you need some ideas for new shrubs or you want to do something spectacular with the whole yard, call to set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities.








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